How does the Osteopath make his diagnosis?

His hands, his knowledge and his expertise in osteopathy



The osteopath performs several specific tests with the aim to find the painful tissue. In order to achieve this, the osteopath touches, palpates and presses on areas that are not necessarily related to the painful area, but related to the origin of the pain.

For example: someone can suffer from backache (at the lumbar region) because of a very old and not treated sprain, or a poorly treated one, or other reasons. In this case, the osteopath must verify the integrity leading the structural dysfunctions of this sprain, and reassemble it by verifying the different elements from the ankle to the pelvis.

In order to be successful in doing this, it is necessary to acquire certain knowledge, based on some theoretical studies and mostly practical studies, which will allow him to obtain the highest level of knowledge about the human body, and that means in the anatomy, biomechanics and physiologic levels.

In the Osteopathy Consulting Room Assal, in Paris 8, we possess a very good formation about the several disciplines of the osteopathy, in order to provide the patients with the best treatments possible in the best conditions.



It is necessary to mention that each osteopath has their so-called favourite or recommended techniques, it means the techniques that he or she uses on a regular basis. For example, there are osteopaths who use the cracking in order to liberate the various structures on a short term basis, and other osteopaths, in return, use fascial techniques combined with cranial techniques.

Mr. Assal advises the practice of soft techniques, such as fascial techniques combined with cranial techniques, which have long term effects and, at the same time, after a typical osteopathy appointment the patient can already feel completely relaxed.

It is necessary to know that the effects can be perceived after about 48 hours, which is the time that the body may need to understand and adapt the changes, in order to find again its own balance.

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