Professional experience of osteopath ASSAL

Diploma and Formation

Obtaining of the French Diploma in Osteopathy at the Osteopathy Superior School.

  • Followed by formation in paediatric osteopathy by Mrs. Evelyne Soyez..
  • Formation by Mr. Didier Le Hougre titled “tissue approach”, in order to increase the efficacy of the osteopathic techniques.
  • Interest in the osteopathic approach of the radiological interpretation by François Corfu, specialised in radiology.
  • Ophthalmology specific diagnosis and therapy bases. By Dr. Claude Valenti, doctor in Optometry (University of California, USA).
  • Posturology applied to the Osteopathy, by Christophe Buisson.

Studies and internships

2007 – 2008

Admission at the Medical Studies Programme in the Pitié Salpêtrière Faculty in Paris.

2008 – 2009

Admission at the Osteopathy Superior School with the goal of obtaining a French Certificate in Osteopathy..


2010 – 2014:

  • Employed at the private clinic in the Osteopathy Superior School;

All along my studies, I have been able to perform several internships in various disciplines:

  • Sportive: with the aim to develop the osteopathic practice for professional sports players such as rugby players, football players, tennis players, and others.
  • Internship at La Francilienne clinic, in order to study the consequences of the tissue lesions after surgery (fascia tissue).
  • In geriatrics, at the geriatric centre of Château-du-Loir.
  • In paediatrics, at the Vauban General Hospital of Livry-Gargan.
  • In maternity, at the Vauban General Hospital.
  • In company (several and various).

Osteopathic publishing

Co-author with Mr. Davy Ros of the end of studies project titled Effet d’une technique de motilité intrinsèque hépatique sur la saturation en oxygène de l’hémoglobine du sang*, proving that the osteopathy is effective in the treatment of patients suffering from respiratory failure.

*English Translation: Effect of a hepatic intrinsic mobility technique on the saturation of oxygen in the haemoglobin of the blood.

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