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Osteopathy Consulting Room in Paris 8: Hosam Assal

Are you looking for an osteopath in Paris?

The Hosam Assal Consulting Room in Paris 8 opened its doors to offer osteopathic care. It is located at the 32nd, Friedland Avenue 75008 Paris, at the 8th district in the triangle of the Arch of Triumph connecting Paris 8, Paris 16 and Paris 7.
Consultations are held all weeks at the Hosam Assal Consulting Room, in Paris 8, from 10am to 8pm, upon appointment by contacting us at 01 44 09 95 80.

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 32,  Friedland avenue 75008

Paris, at the 8th district

in the triangle of the Arch of Triumph

Tel – 01 44 09 95 80

from 10h to 20h

only with a previous appointment

Osteopathy Consulting Room Assal in Paris 8

In the Hosam Assal Consulting Room in Paris 8, we aim for the excellence providing great quality care, as well as a good reassurance to our patients.
Nowadays, osteopathy is one of the most used healing methods -without medicines- in the world.
The osteopath takes his time to analyse the type of pain and then performs as required in order to provide the most suitable and adapted care.

What is the osteopathic medicine?

It is the art of diagnosing and treating -using the hands- those micro mobility dysfunctions of the body that can carry functioning troubles and cause an alteration of the health condition in the long term. It is effective to treat the chronical pains, as well as those pains that are resistant to the allopathic medicine.
An osteopath uses his or her hands to diagnose and treat the origin of the pain on the patient, and he does not only possess many years of formation and experience, but also works in a joint effort with other health professionals in order to optimise the pain treatment and provide well-being to the patients.

When to ask for an appointment in our Osteopathy Consulting Room?

The osteopathic medicine helps many people to find and keep their health through a manual approach of the medicine that helps to get recovered without any medical or surgical resource.

Training and experience of Hosam Assal

Accredited with the French Diploma of Osteopathy in Paris, followed by exclusive formation at the Superior School of Osteopathy in Paris, the osteopath Hosam Assal is registered in the RNCP level 1, recognised by the Ministry of Employment as an equivalent bac+5.
The osteopath Hosam Assal holds an exceptional formation: he practices various techniques (structural, fascial, cranial and visceral) in his Consulting Room, in a unique and adapted way to each patient.
We are at your disposal for any questions about the treatments in our Osteopathic medicine Consulting Room Hosam Assal, in Paris 8.

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